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Apple’s iBeacon turns location sensing inside out

Network World – Apple’s iBeacon location sensing technology, based on the Bluetooth radio in your iPhone, promises to personalize the world around you. For users, this increasingly popular technology changes the question of “Where am I?” into the announcement “Here I am!”

An iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy radio that broadcasts a signal in a given area, say the doorway to a clothing or grocery store. Your iPhone – if it has Bluetooth 4.0..

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Apple iBeacon


MLB introducing Apple iBeacons to 20 ballparks in March

Now a source familiar with the matter has confirmed MLB will be installing and using thousands of iBeacons in some of its teams’ ballparks by the end of March.

MacRumors says 20 of the 30 teams in the league — including the Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, LA Dodgers, and San Francisco Giants — will have their stadiums outfitted with around 100 beacons in March. The iBeacons, which have already been deployed in clothing and grocery retailers, in addition to Apple’s own stores, will connect with MLB’s iOS At The Ballpark app

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iBeacons im Selbstbau: Was steckt in den Bluetooth-Sendern | iPhone-Ticker

Im Gegensatz zu Apples “iOS im Auto“-Technologie, die voraussichtlich nur zahlenden Lizenznehmern zur Verfügung stehen wird, werden die von iOS 7 unterstützten iBeacon Bluetooth-Sender zukünftig nicht nur in Supermärkten und Apple-Filialen Einzug halten, sondern auch Bastlern unter die Arme greifen und zahlreiche Hobby-Projekte ergänze

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Create a superior in-store shopping experience

An emerging technology, called proximity beacons, can help marketers get a full view of the customers by connecting the digital and physical worlds. Beacons are small and cheap devices that can be powered for years by a single coin cell battery. They can interact wirelessly (using a wireless technology such as Bluetooth® Smart, which is sometimes called Bluetooth Low Energy) with mobile devices by showing notification messages and making apps aware of their proximity to the mobile user. The buzz around beacons comes from recent news by Apple that announced the iBeacon products and introduced support in iOS7, and Google following up by adding Bluetooth Smart support with Android 4.3, although a few companies like

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Automatic integriert iBeacons ins Auto: Knöllchen bald überflüssig?

Der Anbieter Automatic hat sein “Connected Car System” nun mit iBeacon-Funktionalität versehen. Geschehen ist dies vermutlich ohne Zutun per Update über die Datenverbindung des eigenen iPhones oder Android-Smartphones. Die theoretischen Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig und könnten unter anderen Knöllcuen bald überflüssig machen.

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Apples iBeacons in Hamburger Drogeriekette

Ein Hamburger Start-up will Bluetooth-Transmitter in den Märkten des Drogeriemarktes Budni installieren, um Kunden vor Ort Informationen zu Sonderangeboten und Bonuspunkten auf das Smartphone zu schicken.

Das Hamburger Start-up Yoints will auf der Basis von Apples iBeacon-Technik ein neues Bonus-System für Smartphones in Deutschland auf den Markt bringen. Tests mit der Drogerie-Kette Budnikowski sollen Anfang kommender Woche beginnen, sagte Yoints-Manager Sarik Weber am Mittwoch in Hamburg. Im Sommer will das Unternehmen die Technik, die auch auf der CeBIT in Hannover gezeigt werden soll, bei fünf bis sechs weiteren Händlern installieren.

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Ex-Vertu designer launches iBeacon competitor for Android

Datzing’s system essentially behaves the same way as Apple’s iBeacon: when a user is in range of a beacon, their phone will receive a notification in the Datzing app. The difference with Datzing and iBeacon is that Datzing is not limited to Apple’s ecosystem and doesn’t actually require an investment in any hardware to set up a beacon.


The service’s hook is that it lets users set up any existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device as a beacon that can broadcast information to users of the app that are within its proximity. Older cellphones with Bluetooth aren’t required to have active service plans to work as a Datzing beacon, giving those old, discarded flip phones a new lease on life. (Datzing

via Ex-Vertu designer launches iBeacon competitor for Android | The Verge.

iBeacon: Apple’s NFC Alternative Explained | Know Your Mobile

Forget NFC – Apple’s new iBeacons feature is where it’s at!

As of yesterday, anyone with a third-generation Apple TV and a Bluetooth 4.0 device running iOS 7 can set up their Apple TV with just a tap, bypassing the tedious process of using Apple’s included physical remote to set up your Apple TV the very first time you take it out of the box.

Though Apple has not confirmed that the technology which makes this “tap to configure” feature possible is the new iBeacons API, it certainly seems likely that this is actually what it is. And if so, this is just the harbinger of cool things we can expect in the future thanks to iBeacons.

What is iBeacons?…

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